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"For anyone interested in chiropractic care and/or acupuncture...Dr. Jonathon Kunz is the best chiropractor I have ever been to. Trust me..I have been to many. I called this morning with a really, really sore hip from running. Overuse possibly;). He did some acupuncture. My hip pain is completely GONE tonight. I can't explain how it works. But each time I have a treatment the pain is gone. Amazing. Try Dr. Kunz at chiropractors at four hills. You will not be disappointed."



"Dr Kunz is warm, kind, and efficient! I would recommend him to any of my friends!"



"Best I have felt in weeks thanks for the adjustment"



"[Dr.] Jon is the best!"



"Dr. Kunz is thorough, efficient and kind. I always recommend him to anyone having headaches, issues with neck, back, hips, sinuses, or feet. The office staff is great at fitting patients in timely as well. All-around great service and care."


Patient Submitted:

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"I've had good results from chiropractic and acupuncture treatments with Dr. Kunz, as well as with massage therapy in his clinic.  I highly recommend Dr. Kunz's treatments."

                                                    Don Myers, Sioux Falls, SD




"When I first cme to Dr. Kunz I felt horrible.  After one adjustment, I felt way better.  I have tried many chiropractors and Dr. Kunz is the only one whose treatment has worked.  He recommended I do acupuncture and it was the best thing I've ever done!  Immediately I felt better and since starting treatment I've had more energy and have felt wonderful.  My family has noticed a huge difference in my moods, energy and general well being.  Since starting acpuncture, my adjustments last longer and though I used to get sore after being adjusted, that also has gotten better.  I was very sketchy about acupuncture because of the needles, but they didn't hurt!  I couldn't even feel them go in.  I have recommended my family and friends and will continue to do so."

                                               Amanda Ihnen, Montrose, SD


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"Dr. Kunz is absolutely amazing. He truly cares about his patients and their health. No matter how minor or major your ailment or injury is, he will take great care of you. He never makes you feel rushed through your appointment and will never pressure you to come back for additional treatments. He is in network with many insurances, and his cash prices are very affordable. If you don't know if chiropractic is right for you, he will even do a consult with you free of charge! Trust me, Dr. Kunz will treat you exceptionally well and you will be feeling better in no time."



"HE [Dr. Kunz] IS GREAT! He is very helpful and professional. He helps me with my health issues and is very nice."



"Great chiropractor that doesn't refer you back time and again but lets you decide if you need to come in. Very caring in all aspects of health. I've had horrible experiences with chiropractors that just wanted repeat business or to push supplements but not with Dr. Kunz."




"Great chiropractor with great skills! If you don't have insurance it's 40$ per visit** and it's easy to schedule appts."




"Dr Kunz was very thorough and caring throughout my visit. Would definitely visit again!"



*Dr. Kunz is not a medical doctor (MD).  RateMDs.com is a site that allows people to rate and review many different kinds of practitioners, including Doctors of Chiropractic.  Reviews have been corrected for grammar.  **Price mentioned is the standard charge for a chiropractic treatment on an established patient not using insurance (cash price).  Additional services are extra.  Additional restrictions may apply.  Prices subject to change.

"I have been seeing Dr. Kunz on a monthly basis since 2008 for adjustments and acupuncture to stay healthy!  On top of that, he has helped me in many ways to accomplish a 10+ year goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon.  Dr. Kunz has used adjustments along with acupuncture and gua sha [a soft tissue therapy] to improve my stride and keep (especially) my hips in alignment.  I have used acupuncture with HUGE success to help with tendonitis and sore, over-used muscles.  I have The Chiropractors at Four Hills on speed dial!  Never have I called and have not been been able to get an appointment in the same day, nor have I ever felt rushed through my appointment.  I have referred my family and friends with 100% confidence and they like me love being his patient."

                                                                                                                                                                                    Amy Barr, Sioux Falls, SD




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